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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revisiting SoulCalibur

SoulCalibur is one of those games I have that doesn't get a whole lot of attention. I've been on a big fighter kick lately, but I'm not much of a 3D fighter fan outside of Capcom's offerings and the Dead or Alive series (read: not a fan of Namco).

Why I own copies of SoulCalibur and Virtua Fighter 3tb (and a sealed copy of PSO V2) is a funny story in and of itself. Apparently after a party one night, I decided to surprise my sober self by ordering several Dreamcast games off of eBay and deleting the purchase notifications from my email. I was pleased with PSO (which I had sunk several hours into on a less than legitimate copy) and Virtua Fighter (probably because I've never played the arcade one), but I felt pretty indifferent about SoulCalibur. I had played it plenty before and simply lost interest. It had been lamenting on my shelf for a few years, and I decided to throw it in the other day to find I didn't even have a save file for it.

I've been amazed at the sheer amount of options available for the game. For a fighter, there's a lot of game here. There's several modes to be unlocked, and the mission mode is a plenty satisfying distraction. The small tweaks to the gameplay, while gimmicky, do add incentive to play. There's a decent amount of variety among the characters, though some are clearly overpowered (which has been one of my gripes about SoulCalibur).

So thank you, drunk comradesnarky, for the pleasant surprise, even if I'm only appreciating it now a few years later. I'll try and get a review up soon, and I'll be posting an older review I did of Street Fighter III: Third Strike that I wrote a while ago, after some tweaks.

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