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Monday, July 18, 2011

New 3D homebrew engine coming to Dreamcast

Homebrew games on the Dreamcast have had graphics that are little better than Saturn games. This is because it is highly frowned upon to use the official Katana or Windows CE developing environments as Sega and Microsoft own the rights to them.

Most homebrew games have been made with the KallistiOS developing environment, which doesn't really push the Dreamcast to its limits. However, this is all about to change for the better.

Behold CubicVR 3D Engine. This thing is going to blow the homebrew scene wide open. Now worlds can be created that push the system to its limits. The developer had started the project a few years ago and published a video showcasing the engine and its capabilities. What you will see is advanced physics demonstrated by a vehicle driving into various objects placated about the world.

Looked amazing didn't it? This engine will have all the bells and whistles we are used to seeing in our retail games. Take for instance this render here. It looks just as good at GTA 3.

Even independent game developers are talking about financially backing this project to get it pushed out sooner. Is 2011 the renaissance of Dreamcast development? Only time will tell.

You can follow the development of the engine here.


  1. Pretty cool, cant wait to see some nice games being made with this!

  2. I agree, it is the best thing to happen to the Dreamcast in a very long time. When I have more info to share on it I will be sure to blog about it again here.