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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New "DLC" coming to 4X4 Evo

Ever wished that you had new vehicles from the PC version of 4X4 Evo on the Dreamcast? No? Well neither did I till I seen it for myself.

Well soon cptPauer a user over at forums will be releasing a mod of the game. He has already released a pictures and a video showcasing a Jeep modded into the game.

He has said he will be releasing all tools so that you can mod your game yourself and add some nice car and track mods.

He is currently trying to include some 4x4 Evo 2 and Monster Truck Madness 2 maps and trucks, so I will keep you all updated on progress of this mod. It is people like cptPauer who bring us all these great Half-Life and now 4X4 Evo mods over from the PC to our faithful old Dreamcast.

If you could take the time to give him a big thanks it would go a long way to keep him motivated to keep bringing us some awesome new DLC content.

You can find the thread for the mod here.

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