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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Geist Force is almost here!

I just got news that Assembler, from Assembler games forum has gotten word the beta of the unreleased Dreamcast game arrived at the presses and he should have the shipment in the mail next week!

You can view the thread here.

Geist Force is the game everybody has be anxiously awaiting since news that the unreleased game was found by an Ex Sega employee April last year. It was sold to a user of Assembler forums that goes by the name Legit. Sadly the first beta that was sold from an entirely different individual was scuffed beyond repair.

Fast forward a few weeks later and another Ex Sega employee found a better version of the game tucked away in his collection. Another purchase was in order to acquire the disc for the masses, so a group purchase was made with donors getting limited edition disc's pressed and made with custom covers and inlays.

After all donors get their copies, the game will be made available for free to download for anybody with a Dreamcast or Dreamcast PC emulator to play. This may take a month, as the people that made this release possible do deserve to get their monies worth before the rest of us get to play it.

I unfortunately didn't donate towards this game, times have been rough sadly.

Oh well, not much more longer folks!

I will leave you with a video of the game running on the Dreamcast Emulator for PC called NullDC.


  1. It's funny that nullDC is in alpha stages, and the game is unfinished, but it runs flawlessly and looks complete. Haha.