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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Announcing Street Fighter III: Triple Threat for Release on February 7th

This isn't necessarily a new announcement if you've been following the ReviveDC Project since our month of Street Fighter. I've mentioned it several times, but I don't think I've ever divulged too many details. So, this will be the full scoop and include some screenshots. Please note: these screenshots were NOT captured on a Dreamcast. When the game is played on the DC, there will be a task bar along the bottom as the game is based around the XDP web browser. Also note that the XDP team had no hand in this game.

Street Fighter III: Triple Threat is a compilation of all three Street Fighter III revisions; New Generation, 2nd Impact: Giant Attack and Third Strike. All games are preserved in their original state. Nothing was ripped or downsampled in this compilation. Third Strike is the retail Dreamcast version; think of Triple Threat as a companion piece to RDC's Third Strike Arcade Edition release. Sort of how Double Impact compiled the two "irrelevant" versions of Street Fighter III alongside Third Strike. The changes in Arcade Edition aren't things that a new player would be concerned with.

Typically, a compilation disc isn't much to write home about. The menus are usually pretty bare and unimpressive. That's not so for Triple Threat.

Triple Threat's Main Menu

Triple Threat will cover all of the bases that a full retail release would, and take it a step further. It's not good enough for ReviveDC Project to do a compilation disc that's a blank page with start options for all of the games present. Triple Threat also includes unique move lists for each game. This means if you look at a move list for New Generation, you'll see only the character's moves for that specific game.

Alex's New Generation move list next to his Third Strike move list

The move lists were painstakingly double checked thanks to CD AGES, who spotted quite a few mistakes in the original New Generation and 2nd Impact move lists. It would seem that Capcom can't write move lists, as they were taken from the Double Impact manual.

That's not the only bonus here though; the game also includes all of the art galleries that were included with Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last year. Dreamcaster ripped all of the images from the game, and there were a lot of them. It took me a few days just to sort them. Then they were resized to be viewed on the Dreamcast easily and sorted into galleries for each of the characters

Chun-Li's art gallery

All of the images in each gallery can be clicked to view a larger version of the image. Other extras include game saves for all of the games which unlock Gill in New Generation, Gill and Akuma in 2nd Impact, and Gill in Third Strike.

Since the Street Fighter III games are very technical, how-to-play guides are also included on the disc to help newcomers understand some of the more complex systems of the game. The guides are taken from Eventhubs, and should help greatly in understanding Street Fighter III fully.

Topics covered in the beginner's guides

Triple Threat will be ReviveDC Project's 50th release, so it's only right to make it a big one. Hopefully you all enjoy it a lot; it was a lot of work and it's been a long time coming.

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