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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Capcom vs. SNK Pro Review

Original Release:
Japan: June 14, 2001

Game Details:
1-2 players
VMU enabled
Standard Controller, Arcade Stick
Jump Pak enabled

Capcom vs SNK Pro is an update release for the original Capcom vs SNK. Think of it as how SSF4 Arcade Edition is to SSF4. Same sort of concept here folks. CVSPro takes numerous liberties at balancing and adjusting gameplay issues of the original game and throws in a few new additions in the form of Dan Hibiki and Joe Higashi, bringing the roster up to a solid 35 character lineup. Balance changes include (but not limited to), a re-balanced SNK Groove, a more balanced Ratio (1,3,4) lineup with proper defensive and offensive damage re-adjustments, Jumping LP's and LK's priority changes almost across the board, corner juggle tweaks, and modifications on almost every character including their "EX" counterparts, lending to a more finely balanced roster than what the original release offered.

Read the CVS2 review on the blog for storyline ;)

If i recall correctly the game (original CVS) was the first 2D fighter to be designed for the Sega NAOMI board. Capcom did a pretty good job at transitioning from designing years worth of fighters on their proprietary hardware to treading new territory with the vastly more powerful tech. Capcom really did an amazing job at utilizing the new tech for the game's overall presentation throughout, which I feel captures the spirit of the dream match flawlessly. I recall being mesmerized by the games intro sequence and even on the title screen where an awesome 3D city landscape that surrounds it. I still remember being enveloped by hype after inserting my 25 cents at the arcade for the first time as i was exposed to countless screens displaying a histories worth of SNK and Capcom productions as they morphed into a tunnel that redirected me to a characters selection screen that is as unique as its diverse selection of fighters. The games presentation is truly creative from beginning to end of credits! The DC port of CVS Pro is truly "Arcade Perfect", something i can't say for the dreadful PSone port released years later. What were they thinking when they made that LOL!

The games audio as a whole feels of major hype and really fuels the legendary dream crossover between these two trailblazing companies. Satoshi Ise was at the helm of the games audio dept and the man handled his duties beautifully. The games music is of the techno, electronic variety in a near exclusive sense. Those that don't dig such a soundtrack or have a more nostalgic taste in music can switch for an alternative soundtrack composed of various themes from a collection of Street Fighter and KOF songs heard throughout their careers! The games sound effects and dialogue is coherent and well done (sans the game announcer, which is forgiven on account of how epic he sounds!). I may be biased when i say CVS has perhaps one of the greatest soundtracks ever in a fighting game. I still love M. Bison's final boss theme after all these years!!!

CVS Pro is worth a look only to perhaps those that are truly hardcore for the genre or those that can appreciate the subtle things in a game. I may also add to that list those that had yet to experience the original CVS release. Absolutely everything is unlocked from the get go so that factor may very well play a role in preference to this version. To those like myself that already had invested countless hours in the original version and still love it after all these years, give CVS pro a try. Just shake well before serving, and wake up! ;)



  1. Some of the music doesn't play on the rdc rip...try it on the music test in options menu.

  2. Sound issues have been fixed. Repack is now available.

  3. good to hear...grabbing now =)

  4. All around better than the excellent CVS1. Recommended not just for completeness, this game is just plain enjoyable even though CVS2 exists as an evolution of this game.


  5. Doesn't work on my pal DC with a samsung goes to the sega screen then back to bios :(. Maybe you can look into it again?

  6. Oops, disregard the previous comment, i got it to work by re-burning the cdi @ 16x (previous burn was @ 8x) :).