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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dreamcast Scene Bullshittery

I really wish I had more positive things to blog about but unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's anything positive that comes out of the Dreamcast scene anymore.

Today, we have more money grubbing, coming from They've decided to start charging money for each download of "rare" Dreamcast releases. This isn't a direct download either, this is a torrent site, where peers have to share the files. In other words, stay the fuck away from this site.

Even if there's something there you for some reason think that you absolutely can't find, look harder. It's out there. They got it from somewhere. Hopefully ReviveDC stuff is spread around well enough that they don't decide our releases are rare, because we do this stuff for free. We don't make any money, some asshole running a tracker shouldn't either.

So, there's your heads up. Stay smart and don't waste your money.


  1. I have spent hundreds if not $1,000 USD to buy and rip games for the community and not once have I asked for any money. If you want to spend your cash donate your funds to the EFF for fighting for your digital rights and we will continue to share our games for free.

  2. Same here i supported for years when DC came out lots of money in the rip scene for better services than the actual discs i bought retail.Don't stop ever showing that the dreamcast is a great experience espeically when on vga and hopefully every single game will be vga enabled!
    Love your work always

  3. i assume there was a reason to do it, each site need to pay for hosting, domain, traffic etc, donation, ads, premium accounts, paid access i think nothing wrong with that.

    1. 1. It's torrent site, they don't have to host any files.
      2. Hosting costs are usually covered by ads

  4. Why aren't we talking about the next game to come out on the dcproject list which i think is a port of dungeons and dragons from the cps2 board then more titles that should vga!

  5. Because one CPS2 can't be emulated on the Dreamcast and two we already have the next 20 or so games done. We release when real life doesn't get in the way. If you want it do bad make it yourself and keep your stupid ass comments to yourself.

  6. i hate these types of fuckers making monkey form "scene" releases.... :(

  7. They are now selling Gunlord and the funny thing one of their main member Valisity has been a tester of games like that.

  8. they should be reported to the devs of the game...

  9. already did that tot he homebrew devs and all the crackers still in the scene.

  10. Thanks for calling attention to asshattery of this type, Atreyu. Double thanks for keeping DC scene still interesting and fixing up a lot of the little things in all the garbled mess that is DC releases.

    Just found this site from a link on your UG torrent of the 1-10 releases. Nice stuff.

  11. "They are now selling Gunlord"
    I thought you stopped lying. It wasnt shared there, we dont do think like that unlike you at UG by allowing Gunlord, we support developpers and help people who dont have pp buy it.
    You have downloaded alot of stuff from that tracker and what you shared there by yourself? You posted you cant upload to the tracker due low connection but shared your stuff at UG. You guys just needed to share your stuff there instead writing this and you'd get all releases you whanted.

  12. already did that tot he homebrew devs and all the crackers still in the scene.
    What's wrong with you man?
    You support sharing Gunlord at UG tracker, you! It was never shared at dc4you, so i report you now.

  13. I didn't share gun lord for one and I also bought the damn game, report all you want I am a mod there no one gives a shit about you or your shitty Urban DP GDI dump. Go back to your hole and fuck off. BTW Gunlord in in your VIP Euro 99.9% complete Euro section.

  14. I am so impressed with you guys! Not only am I amazed by your level of expertise and dedication to quality/detail, but the way you guys give and give of your time, money and resources for the benefit of the Dreamcast community is inspiring! You guys are on a whole other level, and your professionalism speaks for itself. I hope that nothing but good things come your way!