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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double Dragon (NEO4ALL) Review

Original release:
June 2, 1995

Game details:
1-2 Players
Standard controller
VGA box

The following game was not officially released for the Sega Dreamcast. It is emulated using NEO4ALL RC-3 developed by chui. This is an evaluation of the emulation of the game, as well as the game itself.

Using Team RDC's release, you can play this game on your Dreamcast as though it is a commercial game with only a brief loading screen.

With chui's NEO4ALL emulator, the game works fantastic. It's a simple fighting game so there isn't much slowdown at all. Not even when objects in the background are falling apart. Many consider Double Dragon for the Neo Geo to be a Street Fighter clone, albeit a good one. If you like Street Fighter or any other fighting game, try this one out!

Double Dragon is a straight Street Fighter rip-off. But that doesn't make the game bad. It makes it easy to just pick up and play! It has almost the same special moves and very similar characters. But it just doesn't seem right. Should Double Dragon be a fighting game? A Street Fighter rip-off? The original Double Dragon games were beat 'em ups, so why is this one a fighting game? Well, the only answer is that this is a spinoff based on the Double Dragon movie, released in 1994. This was the last Double Dragon game to be released. Why finish the series with a spinoff? I wouldn't count this as a Double Dragon game. Just a fighting game, but it's fun and easy to play.

The game is based on the movie. But there is no story in the game. So if you want to know the story behind it, watch the movie!

(comradesnarky's note: there's no discernable story in the movie either because you won't be able to sit through it. Or find a copy.)

The graphics are decent. They are just what you would expect from a 2D fighting game. The level designs are great and the backgrounds have a 3D effect to them.
The backgrounds are also interactive, allowing you to smash objects.
The character models looks decent too, though there is nothing too creative about them. The special
moves looks almost exactly like they do in Street Fighter. What a surprise...

The music changes for each level. But there's nothing too spectacular about it and you won't focus on it while you play. The sound effects are good. Regular fighting game sounds.

This game doesn't deserve the name "Double Dragon." It's a Street Fighter rip-off. If it was called 'Street Fighter vs. Double Dragon' or something, I would've accepted it, but this is just a regular fighting game that you can pick up and play when you're bored. If you have any of the Street Fighter games, I don't see any reason why you should play it. But if you are a hardcore Double Dragon fan, I think you will be satisfied, otherwise it's just a regular fighting game.


1 comment:

  1. "You wont be able to sit through the movie"??

    I watched it quite a few times. Always found it to be a VERY trashy, yet very entertaining "ride". Would not at all consider it a good movie besides being somehow entertaining. But I´d say Marc Dacascos has been in worse movies than this one. ;D