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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ReviveDC Newsletter

Hey everyone,

We've got something very exciting in the works, and I'd like to give our fans a look at some of the things early. To do this, we will begin mailing out an occasional newsletter. The newsletter will give notice for new downloads and blog posts, let you know what's in the pipeline for releases, provide exclusive downloads and give you a taste of that very exciting something that's in the works. I'm considering doing some sort of occasional give away as well. This probably makes it sound like it's going to cost you something to subscribe; it won't. All you need to do is send an email to and let us know that you'd like to subscribe.

Before that email gets you all salivating, please note: do not email us requests for a specific NEO4ALL game or any other kind of game. They will be ignored. We will probably get to the game eventually, just be patient. On that note, newsletter emails will be sent out once and only once. If someone talks about a download that was included in a newsletter and you missed out, you'll have to track it down through other means. We won't be redistributing them.

Thanks for all of your support,


  1. Hi Comradsnarky

    Was very happy to read the first RDC Newsletter when i woke up this morning. Receiving a newsletter every Monday would make getting out of bed on a Monday more bearable! New uploads going out on a Tuesday would be great also, as it would give everybody amble time to download throughout the week (and have ready to play by the weekend).

    Being a Street Fighter fan I was very excited to read that the ReviveDC team have a Street Fighter project underway. I look forward to seeing/hearing any developments with the project.

    I for one thank all of the ReviveDC team for your hard work reviving the much loved Dreamcast console, I will endeavor to participate in helping the community in as many ways as I can, one way being to contribute to this site by way of commenting on game reviews :)

    Thanks again