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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Geist Force "Ghost Project" reserve list

I just caught wind that reserves are being made for folks to purchase Geist Force. If you want to buy one of the limited professionally made pressed disc's, you need to make a post over at Assembler Games pledging your oath to pay up when prompted.

Assembler posted this telling us about a new group created specifically for handling production of the limited edition print run of the game.

"Geist force has been transferred from "" to the newly
formed dreamcast group "GHOST PROJECT".

The original media, data release and distribution of member shares
(complimentary pressed commemorative disc) are handled by "Ghost project".

Therefore the involvement of ends and is transferred
to "Ghost Project" along with responsibilities and liabilities.

All prior donors are now members of "Ghost Project". The need for this
distinction grows out of the eventual existence of physical media
and transition from idea to working concept.

The project transfers intact and without change albeit to a new entity."

If you want a peice of this verry rare Dreamcast history, you need to copy and paste the paragraph below at the link here

I wish to join "Ghost Project" and reserve a disc (while supplies last).
I understand I am committing to donate for one commemorative
pressed disc, and failing to fulfill the commitment when prompted
will result in forfeiture of reservation. Reservation is also non-transferable.

Good luck to those that want to try and get this very special game!


  1. How I missed this on their forums I have no idea but that is why we have this post here. Know it has done it's job as I missed the first round.

  2. If you donated towards the game earlier this year, it was $50 per copy. Now, since he has so many, and he stated he is NOT trying to make a profit, we will see.

    I doubt it will be $50 for the surplus, but I will keep you all updated when I find something out.

  3. If he was showing what the disc art and everything looked like I would be all over it. Since it's a mystery and the game apparently doesn't work 100%, I think I'll just make my own.