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Monday, October 24, 2011

Geist Force news!

Today I am back with another interesting piece of news for you to sink your teeth into!

Earlier this year, a beta of an unreleased game surfaced named Geist Force. Gameplay is similar to Panzer Dragoon and Rex, but the game is styled much like Starfox 64.

If you are an on rails shooter fan, then this is the Holy Grail of unreleased rail shooters for the Sega Dreamcast.

Assembler, the creator of the Assembler Games forums, updated us today on the progress of the release schedule of the game to the site donors that secured themselves a limited edition pressed disc of the game before it gets released to the general public.

Here is what Assembler had to say about the game.

"I wound up having to send the data over by fedex
to the new place.

I got up early today and geist is the focus.

1. We will have contract for discs manufacture
a. We will have good working relationship, so we can get other items
pressed no question.
2. I will be encoding videos for people today to see, full intro and all.
a. There was some panzer dragoon files on the disc I will release as well
3. Thank you for your patience as we have made this happen!

Congratulations on the long road but we are THERE and I expect copies returned in TWO WEEKS for shipping."


So there you have it folks, not much longer till we have an unreleased retail game in our Dreamcast!

Here is a little FMV from the game for you to take a look at.

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