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Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Still Thinking Channel

I originally started this channel after one day browsing for particular Dreamcast games to reference gameplay footage for certain titles I had yet to own in my collection.  My displeasure soon arose after finding a lot of game footage out there was of either of bad video quality, display of terrible knowledge on how to properly play the game, game footage drowned out by constant commentary that was either inaccurate or simply unwanted or all of the above. I soon took it upon myself to create a video database of every Dreamcast game i can get my hands on!

 I try my darnedest to provide quality game footage to the utmost best of my gaming abilities and skills. All game footage is done using actual DC hardware and GD-rom software (unless it's a game of the homebrew variety), displaying in 640x480 resolution via a VGA connection to a Vizio 27' LED TV in a slightly stretched display ratio, captured in a low tech old-school manner via a simple HD cam (apologize in advance for some glare and lighting issues that occur).

With the exception of Import game releases, all games are divided by genre category for convenience puroposes. All videos (except game intro vids) will be accompanied by useful info for anyone's interest. If you (much like myself) enjoy watching good DC game footage, please feel free to browse my channel. I look forwards to any comments and or suggestions to either a particular video or channel content in general. Let's keep the Dream going!
Dreamcast: It's Still Thinking

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