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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review

Original Release

Game Details
1 Player
VMU enabled
Standard Controller
Jump Pak enabled

Resident Evil 3 is the 3rd and final game in the series to be released on the Dreamcast platform. Originally a Playstation game by Capcom, improvements over the previous installment are very few but those few are worth going over in regards to the gameplay category. Controls (for better or worse) remain the same as they were in RE2. New to this game were the inclusion of a dodge maneuver to avoid attacks as well a 180 degree turn for more diverse retreat scenarios. Gone is RE2s innovative zapping system and even the 2 character selection option seen in prior 2 installments. You basically play with only one character throughout the majority of the campaign. Since the zapping system and 2 player selection was removed, a branching path mechanic is put in place to promote replay value, providing multiple endings uncover through various amount of playthroughs. Additional features include some limited interaction with the games environments and an ammunition creation system. Perhaps the biggest new addition to the game is the inclusion of the new antagonist known as the Nemesis. This MoFo is really the main draw of the entire game. An huge bio-enhanced monster strapped with a rocket launcher. This dudes sole purpose is to hunt you down and kill you! The player encounters this brute on multiple occasions, having to either fight him head on or run for your life as he chases you down for miles. The Nemesis really makes the game a lot more special than the overall product would have been without it.    

The games story is both a prequel and sequel to Resident Evil 2. The story further expands on T-virus outbreak from RE2 and concludes the fate of the infected town of Raccoon City.

The visuals of the RE3 port to Dreamcast deserves closer inspection and discussion for all you game graphic nuts out there. The only other console port that rivals the Dreamcast version of RE3 is the GCN port that was released a few years later. The issue here on which looks visually superior lies in each console version having something over the other! For example lets look at the Dreamcast version. The games backdrops are incredibly detailed and of a higher image resolution (Much higher than what was displayed on the DC port of RE2). This is even more apparent with VGA 480p output. The games FMV cinemas on the other hand have not seen any improvement (especially when compared to treatment the DC version of RE2 received in this respect). Finally on the DC port, The polygonal models remain about the same as the original Playstation version. Models flicker a lot and there is very noticeable polygonal clipping on said characters models (RE2 DC port does not suffer from this).
Now lets look at the GCN port of RE3. The backdrops look improved much like the DC Version. The games FMVs have in fact, been improved, running at a much higher framerate (RE2 on GCN has some very horrible quality FMV compression). Finally, the polygon models on the GCN are most definitely improved upon, removing the majority of the flickering on the models and most of the polygonal clipping that other versions suffer from. There lies bit of a problem with RE3 on both consoles and which is the best, because RE3 on GCN looks very improved over its RE2 port. But in Dreamcast land, RE3 does not look visually improved to its own RE2 port and this makes no sense at all. Resident Evil 2 is miles away the superior version on the Dreamcast, but somehow the same can't be said when this game (Resident Evil 3) is concerned because this game received very little improvement in the graphics. The only saving grace on the Dreamcast version that slightly beats out the competiton is that it supports 480p resolution! So for gamers wanting that superior version of Resident Evil 3, one has to weigh the pros and cons on what they value more out of their experience...

High marks in regards to this category. RE3 continually bombards the player with a vast array of audio to frighten the senses. Sounds effects are very crystal clear and keep you on your toes throughout the entire experience. Dialogue is appropriate to the cause of the game as well. The games soundtrack is also worthy of praise. It really does a magnificent job of pressing the games tense progression forward with some memorable and downright "panic inducing" tunes... I simply love how the music sometimes foreshadows an imminent encounter with the dreaded Nemesis or other dangerous encounters that lie ahead! Shit always gets to you and puts you on high alert from the music alone! Do yourself a favor and play this game in the dark with your speakers up.

Resident Evil 3 is perhaps one of the least memorable of the old school series. Perhaps because it had big shoes to fill after having to top the overwhelmingly successful of Resident Evil 2. While it doesn't bring anything relatively ground braking to the table, the game is absolutely worth recommending to both Resident Evil fans and survival horror junkies. Like I mentioned in the "Graphics" category, the best version of this game is hard to declare. But its worth noting that the Dreamcast version does have additional exclusive perks... every unlockable available from the start and 2 additional costumes for a grand total of 8.


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  1. The RE2 Dreamcast port looks so much better because it was a port of the PC version using Windows CE. Resident Evil 3 is just the PlayStation version ported, with the PC costume extras thrown in. I have NO idea why they wouldn't just port the PC version of RE3 over as well. The Dreamcast backgrounds are exactly 640x480, surprisingly stored in JPEG format. So that's why they look so great when you're running them through VGA. Unfortunately the same care wasn't put into the FMV for some backwards ass reason. It's a strange port. The quality of the game makes it well worth it though.