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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dreamcast... You are an ALL STAR!

To celebrate the Dreamcast US 13th birthday which occurred over the weekend, i thought it would be nice to do a video on one of the lesser talked about topics of the Dreamcast legacy, that Being the "Sega All Stars" series. Does anyone out there have a few of these variants in their Dreamcast game collection? If so, drop a comment of which of the 17 you currently own.

from wikipedia:

Sega All Stars was the name of Sega's budget series for the Dreamcast, similar to Platinum Hits, Greatest Hits, and Player's Choice, for games that have sold many copies. When a title became a Sega All Stars title, it was sold at a lower price ($19.95) and given reprinted labeling. Because the Sega All Stars brand was exclusive to the United States, game covers were given an orange bar (as opposed to Europe's blue color scheme) with the brand name written from top to bottom. The disc labels were also changed to include a small circle with the Sega All Stars brand printed inside of it.
Because of the Dreamcast's short lifespan, only 17 titles were made into Sega All Stars titles. It is believed that more titles were planned to be brought over as Sega would continue to support the Dreamcast until its last months, but never did as 3rd party support began to diminish as well, causing Sega to eventually do the same.


  1. all time favorite console.ive had mine since '99 and it still looks and works like the day i got it.have had all the others throughout the years but for some reason i just cant see myself parting with this one.