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Saturday, September 8, 2012

ReviveDC Project Preview: Fire Pro Wrestling D "US Edition"

Considering the imminent anniversary of the Dreamcast's US release (9.9.99) is well underway, The group over at ReviveDC is proud to announce as well as provide a sneak peak at their next major exclusive release under the RDC banner... Fire Pro Wrestling D: US Edition! The following link will show you a progress video of the current build (Footage courtesy of irvgotti452).

While a concrete release date has yet to be finalized, progress has gone rather steadily, with the build at about 80% complete, showing great progress. With that said though, Revive DC Project is in dire need of an experienced coder to complete the project. If there is anyone out there that can lend a hand in this regard and help our cause to finally have English translated release of this legendary JPN exclusive, please contact via email at

Please help spread the word out about both the game and the helping hand so many Dreamcast/Wrestling fans can enjoy this game for years to come. Lets all do our part to keep the Dream going!


    I am so excited about this I could punch an innocent, helpless bystander!

  2. Wow, looks great.

    Giant Gram 2000 would be another good candidate for translation, that's another wrestling game with a deep edit mode.

  3. Hi ReviveDC !
    Is there some news or updates about this amazing US Edition for Fire Pro Wrestling D ?

    1. A friend of ours assisted with the cracking, so music is now working. Our version will have roughly 10 more minutes of CDDA audio than Echelon's version had. We thought we were done, but then said friend found us the move lists. Those are being worked on now. No ETA.

  4. Great !
    Keep up the good work !

    'can't wait to play this game (I tried in Japanese several years ago and it was quite difficult) !

    Thanks for keeping the Dreamcast alive !

  5. it's finally out!!! how is it?